Originally this page was meant to begin with a review of Aimee Parkison’s “Sister Seance” and some articles for friends and family and others w/r/t psychedelics.

Then the fascism/segregation/human rights violations ramped up concerning Covid. Someone had to write some form of blog to ensure snapshots of the horror of the last several years could be remembered - if only by a few people.

Unsurprisingly, no journalist felt up to doing their job. I saw from reading one book - “War Against the Weak” and hearing from a friend who is familiar with IVM - that many people were going to die. I did not want people I cared about to die. Sorry?

Journalists did not do their jobs. So I set up this Substack alongside using my Twitter account as a newsfeed. My family worked in the newspaper industry for over half a century. My majors were English/philosophy (hoping to never speak about this again) for three years alongside psychology (for nearly two years). As mentioned elsewhere, landing in a coma interrupted my studies.

There is nudging on this page (Hollywood, for instance) that is not to be taken seriously.


Ask at a later date. I’m on a sort-of-vacation.

No I am not a satanist.

Just a fan of certain types of art.

The Mephisto Waltz
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The Mephisto Waltz Email: covidfascism@gmail.com https://twitter.com/JbFaustus One will need to blame a couple people in the medical community for this page. It was their opinion that my writing something about benzos and posting it would be of value. And since they’re people I appreciate as human beings - I did that…
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Some things . . .


Jon b

Another university drop out frustrated with what the news industry has become and where it is heading.